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It’s good to be Green

January 19, 2016

It may be cold outside now, but I’m dreaming of spring. The birds will be singing, flowers will be blooming and the windows will be open letting in a warm breeze. One of the timeless activities that has been associated with spring, is cleaning up around the house. If you take a look under the kitchen sink or where ever you keep your cleaning supplies, you will find some pretty nasty stuff that is definitely not good for you or the environment. The good news is BumbleJunk is here to help! We think its good to be green and have put together a list of five all natural eco-friendly products to assist you cleaning up around your house.


It’s-good-to-be-Green-BumbleJunk-junk-removal-seventh-generation-productsThe first cleaning product on this list is the “Free &Clear all-purpose cleaner from Seventh Generation” This product is an all-purpose cleaner that is free of harsh solvents, preventing more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from polluting our air. It’s a USDA Certified Biobased Product (91%), What’s that mean? We didn’t know either, so we looked it up and this is what we found out. In 2002, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) initiated the USDA BioPreferred® program. The program provides an accreditation for products that demonstrated biobased content – meaning the ingredients come from renewable biological sources and lists the percentage of biobased content in each product.

This plant-derived formula is non-irritating to skin and effectively removes grease, grime and dirt from marble, granite, stainless steel, and many other surfaces and is great for use all over the kitchen. For more information check out Seventh generation’s website here www.seventhgeneration.com/all-purpose-cleaner


It’s-good-to-be-Green-BumbleJunk-junk-removal-j-r-watkins-products The second cleaning product is “J.R. Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Window Cleaner”. This product does a great job at leaving your windows streak free and gently lifts away grime, dust and fingerprints. This product is chemical free and leaves your home with a refreshing Aloe and Green Tea fragrance. You can use this cleaner on your mirrors, glass tabletops and other hard surfaces around the home. For more information about J.R. Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Window Cleaner check out their website at www.jrwatkins.com


It’s-good-to-be-Green-BumbleJunk-junk-removal-clorox-green-works-wipesI don’t know about you, but I use cleaning wipes all the time all around my house. So I decided to add some to our list. Our third cleaning product is “Clorox Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes” I know the first think you think about Clorox is bleach, not very eco-friendly. We have looked into the product and Clorox claims to be 99% natural which can be verified with a glance at the ingredients. They are biodegradable and do a great job cleaning up. Safe for most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl. For more information take a look at their website. www.greenworkscleaners.com


naturally-it's-clean-floor-It’s-good-to-be-Green-BumbleJunk-junk-removalOur forth cleaning product “Naturally it’s Clean Floor Cleaner” uses pure enzymes from plants to eliminate odors and clean. It works by rapidly biodegrading natural materials, like grease, foods and oils, into their basic elements. This allows them to be safely and wiped away without leaving and films or residues. Naturally it’s Clean is safe for hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, cork, bamboo, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and any water washable flooring. For more information about this product check out their website here www.naturallyitsclean.com


everyday-stain-&-odor-remover-It’s-good-to-be-Green-BumbleJunk-junk-removalOur fifth and final eco-friendly product is form Earth Friendly Products, “Everyday Stain & Odor Remover” uses naturally derived formula of enzymes, lemon oil and plant ingredients to remove laundry stains, fabric stains, carpet stains and odors caused by food, dirt, urine and other natural waste by-products. Earth Friendly Products was recognized as an outstanding Safer Choice Formulator-Manufacturer by the EPA and fully discloses all of their ingredients on their website. The non-toxic formula does not contain dyes or synthetic perfumes, can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces and is grey water and septic safe.


We hope our list of all natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products helps you this spring. Once you start your spring cleaning and you find some old junk that needs to be removed, keep the environmentally friendly vibes rolling and give BumbleJunk a call.  1-888-BumbleJunk or book online at www.BumbleJunk.com, we are the Eco-Friendly junk remover with the largest trucks, cheapest prices and the best service!